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October 5, 2020

The Barn-our lock down transformation.

Bringing this old building back to life. No longer a disused space but now an industrial styled room!

The Barn-our lock down transformation.

The Barn...otherwise known as our 'lock down' something we probably wouldn't have attempted if it wasn’t for the extra bit of time on our hands with Faldonside Escapes being temporarily unable to take guests. It was one of those buildings I purposely steered away from as I was never too sure what furry animals might be lurking behind the 2 old grain dryers which had sat in there for years.....grain + old farm equipment + dark & damp = RATS!!! Well we were pleasantly surprised as there was no sign of any, unless Pete had just kept schtum!! The large grain dryers were pulled out leaving a wonderful space with an old rickety mezzanine which we did consider keeping, however it would have only complicated the space and I also had visions of my kids swinging from the rafters which wouldn't be good for my anxiety!! So now we had an open space with 4 old stone walls.

Pete managed to hire a power hose and spent a week dousing the walls, restoring the stone to its former glory and effectively bringing the Barn back to life. I now no longer had the pressure of which wall colour I was going to choose, we were just going to keep the walls as they were. The look I now had in mind was going to be industrial and minimalist which is not my natural style but exciting all the same.

Around 6 years ago we decided to install a ground source heating system (renewable energy) to heat the Farmhouse and holiday cottages. Just by chance this was on the other side of the Barn wall so it became a no brainer to get some under flooring heating installed. Another bonus was that this meant no added expense for a log burner as these continue to surprise me for their eye watering cost even though they can be rather special....after all we have them in our cosy holiday cottages!!
The pipes were laid & the concrete flooring was put in and now another decision as to whether to paint the floor or leave it as is for which I sought help from my Instagram friends. After a split decision, I decided just to go with the easy option. Finally the space was resembling a room. Windows had been measured but due to Covid they would be put on hold; nothing like under floor heating and no windows so thank goodness it was a summer lock down!! The windows eventually arrived and now it was the fun part.

Things began to take shape and I could actually picture the room. Never one to be hugely organised except when it comes to interiors I had endless parcels arriving with bits and bobs scattered around the house (to everyone's annoyance) until the moment came when I could finally put them into their new home. This is the best part of all.

The vision being a bar, a man cave, a place to hide from the kids. Somewhere our guests can now use as a change of scene, grab a drink, play some pool or watch a match on the TV. A space which can be rented out for events (when the time comes) but most importantly a Barn lovingly restored, which has had a new lease of life and is no longer just a home for those furry animals if they were ever there??!!!!


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